Why your company needs a print virtual assistant

Here are a few reasons why your company can do with a PRINT virtual assistant in Cape Town or anywhere in South Africa.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE: Time is money but money can’t buy time! We call this intelligent planning. An affordable virtual assistant will save your company both time and money.

NO MORE STRESS: Say goodbye to stress and let us assist you with your day to day print orders or any marketing material you may require for your next project.  This way you can spend more time focusing on what you do best.

LOYAL PARTNERSHIPS: No matter how cheap Virtual assistant service offering are, the most important factor is that you work with someone reliable and loyal..

It is always a good feeling knowing that you have that you have a reliable virtual print assistant that you can depend on to get the job done.

MONTHLY BUDGET: With rising costs and inflation, Print Squad goes the extra mile for our clients. Our process is that we will supply you with a few quotes that you can choose from. Each quote may vary in quality and price.

Having a Virtual Marketing / Print Assistant also means that you don’t need that extra office desk or chair in your office, all you need is an internet connection and a telephone to keep in contact.

ABILITY TO MULTITASK: At Print Squad, we know how to multitask and deal with many projects all at the same time. This is what we do best.

We are proactive, productive, organized and determine to get the job done from inception to completion.

FAST RELIABLE & EFFICIENT: We understand the fast paced business of many industries and how efficiency can either make or break your next print marketing campaign.

So while you’re taking care of business let us ensure that your next print job, banner, wall paper or any print requirement gets off the ground fast.

Don’t just appoint any PRINT visual assistant find a virtual assistant that will have your company in their best interests.

Print Squad is passionate about customer service, getting the job done and delivering on time!

Take advantage of what we as a PRINT virtual assistant can offer your company.

PS “Your PRINT service provider”

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