Choosing the right logo for your business or brand

There is no right or wrong when choosing the right logo for your business or brand.

It is what you feel and how you visualize the font and the colours at that time.

Draw a sketch and write down the ideas you have in mind. If you have difficulty with your artistic skills, perhaps finding a graphic designer or a friend with some artistic skills might be a good idea.

Find inspiration on social media for your design or ask friends & family for their input.

Ensure that the colour/s you choose are colours that will speak to you and your clients. You want to choose colours that reflect your brand.

Play around with the layout. I was told from designers to try and steer away from pictures. (However I know of some logos with pictures that look really cool)

Remember it’s always good to make notes of what you want to see on paper. What you visualise may not always be the same on paper.

Your logo should reflect what your brand is about, for example you shouldn’t use a flower in your logo if your business is about selling computers.

Choosing the right typography is very important. Make sure the text can be read easily.

Find affordable designers to assist with your project, however make sure that you have a budget when you start looking for a designer this. Graphic designer may charge by the hour or they may charge for the finished logo. Check all aspects of their quote before you accept.

Find a few affordable quotes before you start off with the setup.

Find a logo that suits your company best.

Place enough emphasis under your tagline, at the same time try a keep it short so it’s easy to read and to remember.

Let your brand identity such as your logo, colour palette and info graphic stand out to others.

Your logo is your silent sales person, it represent your name & style to the customers, and it is the core of your business.

They say your logo can make or break your business, be sure that you are 100% satisfied with your logo.

Ensure that your logo is consistent thorough your social media accounts.

Keep your logo simple however make sure unique and will stand out.

Stick with a simple logo that’s easy to read. One that is easy to scale down or up in size.

It’s always best to stick with one logo, multiple logos might give off mixed messages about your brand.

We hope that you have found some useful tips on choosing the right logo for your business or brand.

Below are my all-time favourite logos.

Look at these cool logo’s from local entrepreneurs.

PS “Your PRINT service provider”

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