Retailers Preparing for Christmas

CHRISTMAS SIGNAGE and MUSIC, it’s the most wonderful time of the year and can be profitable too! Signage is very important it is a silent seller and it tells a lot about your brand and the promotions you launch.

SILENT SELLERS are the best way to promote your in store offers. Place an A1 easel or a banner stand at all your main entrances.

HOLIDAY PROMOTIONS: customers enjoy those quick lunch time promos. Customers love to make use of good offers. Place signage around your store with a hint of what you have in store for the holidays. It is also of UTMOST importance for your retail team to know what promotions are taking place.

ONLINE MEDIA/ POSTS BRANDING: your signage in store versus online should always speak the same offers and layouts.

RETURN POLICY: ensure that you educate your team about the holiday return policies.

If possible purchase extra stamps to stamp receipts that indicate your return policies. Holiday policies are important for customers because of most retail stores that will have their big post sales.

FESTIVE COMPETITION: don’t forget to treat your customers with a holiday competition, when you announce the winners make a noise about it. This way you will attract those potential shoppers that are curious to know what’s happening inside your store.

Your TEAM, can either make or break your business. This time of the year it’s important for all staff to be refreshed and energized. Ensure you have extra staff that will be visible on the floor. Show appreciation, have a greeter at the door, not just any person but a person that knows how to interact with people. By welcoming your customers you are already giving a sign of customer service. Do so when your customer leaves the store as well, say thank you and enjoy your day!

The last thing that you want is a floor with no visible sales team. Ensure that your team wear their correct uniform and their name badges at all times.

It is also important that you have your daily meetings with your team to connect, regroup and plan the day ahead.

Customers can easily pick up the vibe in your store.

TRADING HOURS: Inform your team about the trading hours not only for your store but also mall trading hours.

It’s also a good idea to print this information on an A1 poster and place it on an easel at the store entrance, so clients are aware of your trading hours. Some stores may trade slightly later than the mall trading hours during busy periods.

HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES: Entertain your customers with a FREE Christmas photo booth frame or FREE candy to the little ones. After all Christmas is a time of giving.

TILL POINTS: Make sure all your tills operate during the lunch hour and peak hours.

Place trained team members at till points to ensure that customers can check out easily and quickly.

DO NOT TRAIN STAFF during this time of the year, customers want to pay and leave your store.

A suggestion is to leave “gift pack sets” next to till for a quick and easy sale.

FREE WRAPPING: we are all trying to spend wisely, treat your customers with the FREE wrapping offer.

Don’t place an inexperienced team member at this stand, you will be surprise how customers can spot a good wrapper a mile away J

SECURITY: tighten up in this department, the last thing that you want is a poor result of stock loss.

Unfortunately in retail there is no escape but do ensure that you have extra eyes on the sales floor.

This time of the year it’s not a good idea to let your sales staff play security.

They will need to be more focussed on making sales for the season.

CHRISTMAS MESSAGES: send out those special announcements over the intercom to your customers.

Let this be a different message speaking to your customer’s heart and not only about spending their money.

Have the holiday spirit and leave your customers with a HAPPY HOLIDAY feeling when they exit your store.

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